Speleo 2017 Circulars

Congress Circulars and brochures publicising the UIS and ICS are available here for download.

Publication Schedule

Publication Due date
Update Circular 1 July 2015
Circular 2 (v6)

This circular has the information regarding venue, registration, costs, program, paper submission, accommodation and field trips. The critical dates for all matters are currently listed.

July 2016
Circular 3 May 2017


Changes and updates will be published as soon as they occur.

There are a few important changes to Circular 2 in the Field trip section.
Please check if any of these are relevant to your intended activities.
B1.MR – minimum number is 5
B4.JF – cost is $460 (not $490)
B9.PK – cost is $970 (not $950)
B11.HS – trip name change; not B11.HC
B14.AC – trip end date is July 22 (not July 23)
A4.JC – Options are available to upgrade accommodation at additional cost.
A1.MC – This trip commences on 31 July (not 30 July)
Updated 5/2/2018