Speleo 2017 Excursions

Pre and post-congress field excursions were organised to visit a number of varied karst and cave localities around Australia and New Zealand. We endeavoured to provide a range of experiences to cater for the varied interests, budgets and styles of the people attended the 17th ICS.
From the tropics of northern Australia, the vastness of the Nullarbor Plain, the tall forests of the Margaret River area, the karst and caves of cool-temperate Tasmania and several excursions in the congress host state of NSW, and much more. There were options to see a variety of Caves in an Ancient Land. In addition there were three post-congress excursions hosted by the New Zealand Speleological Society.
There were options to stay in cosy guest houses, caving club huts, cabins and motels or tent out under star-filled skies we catered for a range of styles.
In the following table you’ll find the details of the 17 pre and post-congress trips.

In addition to the pre and post conference excursions, a range of mid week (Wednesday) excursions were offered. Details of these mid week excursion options can be found in the Second Circular and here.

White Nose Syndrome does not exist in Australia. We need to keep it that way.
Equipment and cleaning protocols can be found in the White Nose Syndrome management document

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves formation "Regarded as Australia’s most outstanding cave system, with pure underground rivers and amazing limestone crystal formations.
Jenolan Caves is among the finest and oldest cave systems in the world."
Jenolan Caves is in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
Pre-congress trip
18 July 2017 - B15.JC Jenolan Caves - Full details
Post-congress trip
30 July 2017 - A4.JC Jenolan Caves - Full details
Caves House room descriptions

Far North Queensland

Chillago karst Accessed from Cairns (where there are also many opportunities to experience the Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest).
There were pre- and post-congress excursions to the Chillagoe tower karst. Accommodation in the small bush town of Chillagoe includes a very spacious caver’s house, small hotels and campground. Caving options are varied and will suit a range of skill levels.
Pre-congress trip
18 July 2017 - B13.CHC Chillago - Full details
Post-congress trip
1 August 2016 - A5.CHC Chillago Caves - Full details

New South Wales

Victoria Arch, Wombeyan

Victoria Arch, Wombeyan
Excursions to several locations including Yarrangobilly Caves in the Snowy Mountains, Cliefden Caves in the central west (which are currently under threat from flooding by a proposed dam), and Wombeyan Caves in the southern highlands. There was also a travelling excursion visiting a range of cave locations and scenic sights in southern NSW and a scientific excursion studying palaeokarst..

Pre-congress trips
17 July 2017 - B5.YB Yarrangobilly Caves - Full details
17 July 2017 - B6.SKC The karst and caves of Southern NSW - Full details
16 July 2017 - B9.PK Palaeokarst and per-ascensum caves in the Lachlan Fold Belt Full details
14 July 2017 - B8.CC Cliefden Caves - Full details

Post-congress trips
31 July 2017 - A3.CC Cliefden Caves - Full details

Highlights of Sydney

Sydney Harbour To enable congress participants to see Sydney’s popular landmarks there was a two-day excursion prior to the congress and also day trips during the congress to see places such as the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Botanical Gardens, museum and Taronga Park Zoo which features Australian wildlife in a fantastic harbour-side location. Pre-congress trip
21 July 2017 - B11.HS Sydney Highlights - Full details

Naracoorte Caves World Heritage Area, South Australia

Naracoorte Caves An excursion co-led by palaeontologist Dr Liz Reed will focus on marsupial fossils, extinct mega-fauna and pre-history. Post-congress trip
31 July 2016 - A9.NC Naracoorte Caves - Full details

Nullarbor Karst

Nullarbor Karst The Nullarbor Karst on the central south coast of the continent is Australia’s most extensive karst area (270,000 sq.km).
There is a vertical caving expedition.

Post-congress trips
30 July 2017 - A7.NP Nullabor and Bunda Cliffs - Full details
Additional details & application advice

Western Australia

West Australian coast  The Margaret River region is about a three hour drive south of Perth, the capital city
of Western Australia, and is well-known for its forests, caves, beaches and wineries.
Pre-congress trip
17 July 2017 - B1.MR Margaret River - Full details

New Zealand

Waitomo Caves Excursions were arranged on both the North and South Islands.
These trips allowed for cavers with varying levels of skill and fitness.
There was ample opportunities to enjoy the mesmerising glow-worms at Waitomo.
Post-congress trips
31 July 2017 - A11WV Waitomo Caves and Volcanoes - Full details

6 August 2017 - A12.NL Nelson - Full details

11 August 2017 - A13.WCK West Coast Karst - Full details

Other excursions


Other excursions include:

An outback camping trip from Alice Springs to visit the huge monolith of Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock)

Post-congress trip
30 July 2017 - A10.UL Uluru, Northern Territory - Full details

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