Speleo 2017 Program

Welcome to Speleo 2017, the 17th ICS, Sydney! The program was designed to cater for all registrants, partners and children with formal scientific presentations as well as competitive events; sport, photographs, maps and Speleo-art competitions. There were a number of social functions as well as a banquet.

A mid-week excursion day included trips to the Jenolan Caves and the Blue Mountains.

The detailed version of the program can be viewed here Detailed_Program-2.pdf

UIS General Assembly Meeting

There were meetings of the UIS General Assembly at the start and at the end of the Convention. The first meeting agenda covered UIS business listed and the final considered bids for the next Congress and elected a new Bureau of the UIS.

Scientific Program

The theme Caves in an Ancient Land featured in plenary sessions and special seminars giving context to karst areas and landscapes in Proterozoic dolomites through to the youngest Quaternary karst areas in coastal settings. Caves have contributed greatly to many disciplines starting with the marsupial megafauna discoveries in cave deposits in the mid-nineteenth century to more recent work involving modern dating techniques and Southern Hemisphere records of climate changes. As well as show-casing Australian caves and karst there were many presentations on karst around the world. Australian cave diving featured in a plenary lecture and there was a seminar featuring the cutting edge of cave exploration in various parts of the world.

UIS Commissions, meetings, workshops

Meetings of individual UIS Departments, Commissions and Working Groups, as well as of national and regional speleological associations, and many other meetings and workshops were a very important part of the Congress.

Exhibitions of art, photography and cartography

During the 17th ICS several art, photographic, multimedia, and cartographic events and competitions were held.
View the results of these salon competitions here.

The exhibitions included the highly successful travelling exhibition, Sixteen Legs, on the biology and environment of the large Tasmanian Cave Spider (Hickmania troglodytes). This Exhibition consists of 48 giant backlit panels representing a photographic journey into the science and conservation management of caves and groundwater, especially the biology of the caves and the spider. Brought to the Congress by the Bookend Trust.
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