Conference Proceedings Edition 2

Below available for download are the PDF files for the 17th ICS Conference Proceedings – Edition 2, Volumes 1 and 2, as both screen-ready and print-ready formats.
The print-ready files include separate files for the front and back covers suited for commercial printing.
Instructions for printing the print-ready Proceedings can be found in the document Instructions to printer.pdf
As the file sizes are very large please give consideration to your available internet data and download speeds on your device before commencing download.

Conference Proceedings Edition 2 - Screen Version

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol1-Ed2-screen.pdf (60MB)

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol2-Ed2-screen.pdf (63MB)

Conference Proceedings Edition 2 - Print Version

Instructions to printer.pdf

Volume 1

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol1-Ed2-print.pdf (201MB)

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol1-Ed2-cover-print.pdf (28MB)

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol1-Ed2-backcover-print.pdf (58MB)

Volume 2

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol2-Ed2-print.pdf (161MB)

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol2-Ed2-cover-print.pdf (28MB)

Proceedings-17th-ICS-Vol2-Ed2-backcover-print.pdf (58MB)